Sophie and Howl LED Silhouette (Howl's Moving Castle)

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When selecting a lamp, you can choose from two led function options:

The base 16-Color led comes in a sleek black silhouette with a single set of LEDs. A control panel attached to the Silhouette included allows you to change the LEDs to any of the 16 available colors, including different modes such as flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

For an upgraded experience, our Dual/Mixed 16-Color Remote with Android/iPhone integration comes featured with a dual set of LEDs. The left LEDs operate separately from the right LEDs, so this lets you light up your Silhouette with two different colors at once and can be controlled through our app downloadable from the app/play store. Allowing you to have maximum control with just a touch from your mobile device at any given time!


Each Silhouette is made from man made fibers with natural materials that are produced using both machines and artisan handwork. Each Suki Led is made IN HOUSE and are authentic which means it cannot be found anywhere else including retail stores! All silhouette's range from 10-13 inches in height and 5-8 inches in width

🔮 The Silhouette's are easy to setup: On the backside are pop-sockets with 3M peel off's that you take off and simply put on any wall, tile, or surface. Want to take off the silhouette? No problem, it leaves no stains or marks!

🎁Our collectible laser-engraved Silhouette's make the perfect holiday, birthday, or a house warming gift for your fellow otaku & weeb friends!

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